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The Health and Wealth of OSS Projects: Evidence from Community Activities and Product Evolution

by   Saya Onoue, et al.
Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Background: Understanding the condition of OSS projects is important to analyze features and predict the future of projects. In the field of demography and economics, health and wealth are considered to understand the condition of a country. Aim: In this paper, we apply this framework to OSS projects to understand the communities and the evolution of OSS projects from the perspectives of health and wealth. Method: We define two measures of Workforce (WF) and Gross Product Pull Requests (GPPR). We analyze OSS projects in GitHub and investigate three typical cases. Results: We find that wealthy projects attract and rely on the casual workforce. Less wealthy projects may require additional efforts from their more experienced contributors. Conclusions: This paper presents an approach to assess the relationship between health and wealth of OSS projects. An interactive demo of our analysis is available at


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