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The Hausdorff Moment Problem in the light of ill-posedness of type I

by   Daniel Gerth, et al.

The Hausdorf moment problem (HMP) over the unit interval in an L^2-setting is a classical example of an ill-posed inverse problem. Since various applications can be rewritten in terms of the HMP, it has gathered significant attention in the literature. From the point of view of regularization it is of special interest because of the occurrence of a non-compact forward operator with non-closed range. Consequently, HMP constitutes one of few examples of a linear ill-posed problem of type I in the sense of Nashed. In this paper we highlight this property and its consequences, for example, the existence of a infinite-dimensional subspace of stability. On the other hand, we show conditional stability estimates for the HMP in Sobolev spaces that indicate severe ill-posedness for the full recovery of a function from its moments, because Hölder-type stability can be excluded. However, the associated recovery the rightmost point of the unit interval is stable of Hölder-type in an H^1-setting. We moreover discuss stability estimates for the truncated HMP, where the forward operator becomes compact. Some numerical case studies illustrate the theoretical results and complete the paper.


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