The HAM10000 Dataset: A Large Collection of Multi-Source Dermatoscopic Images of Common Pigmented Skin Lesions

by   Philipp Tschandl, et al.

Training of neural networks for automated diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions is hampered by the small size and lack of diversity of available datasets of dermatoscopic images. We tackle this problem by releasing the HAM10000 ("Human Against Machine with 10000 training images") dataset. We collected dermatoscopic images from different populations acquired and stored by different modalities. Given this diversity we had to apply different acquisition and cleaning methods and developed semi-automatic workflows utilizing specifically trained neural networks. The final dataset consists of 11788 dermatoscopic images, of which 10010 will be released as a training set for academic machine learning purposes and will be publicly available through the ISIC archive. This benchmark dataset can be used for machine learning and for comparisons with human experts. Cases include a representative collection of all important diagnostic categories in the realm of pigmented lesions. More than 50 rest of the cases was either follow-up, expert consensus, or confirmation by in-vivo confocal microscopy.


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