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The Future of Work: Agile in a Hybrid World

by   Dennis Mancl, et al.

An agile organization adapts what they are building to match their customer's evolving needs. Agile teams also adapt to changes in their organization's work environment. The latest change is the evolving environment of "hybrid" work - a mix of in-person and virtual staff. Team members might sometimes work together in the office, work from home, or work in other locations, and they may struggle to sustain a high level of collaboration and innovation. It isn't just pandemic social distancing - many of us want to work from home to eliminate our commute and spend more time with family. Are there learnings and best practices that organizations can use to become and stay effective in a hybrid world? An XP 2022 panel organized by Steven Fraser (Innoxec) discussed these questions in June 2022. The panel was facilitated by Hendrik Esser (Ericsson) and featured Alistair Cockburn (Heart of Agile), Sandy Mamoli (Nomad8), Nils Brede Moe (SINTEF), Jaana Nyfjord (Spotify), and Darja Smite (Blekinge Institute of Technology).


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