The Feedback Capacity of Noisy Output is the STate (NOST) Channels

07/15/2021 ∙ by Eli Shemuel, et al. ∙ 0

We consider finite-state channels (FSCs) where the channel state is stochastically dependent on the previous channel output. We refer to these as Noisy Output is the STate (NOST) channels. We derive the feedback capacity of NOST channels in two scenarios: with and without causal state information (CSI) available at the encoder. If CSI is unavailable, the feedback capacity is C_FB= max_P(x|y') I(X;Y|Y'), while if it is available at the encoder, the feedback capacity is C_FB-CSI= max_P(u|y'),x(u,s') I(U;Y|Y'), where U is an auxiliary random variable with finite cardinality. In both formulas, the output process is a Markov process with stationary distribution. The derived formulas generalize special known instances from the literature, such as where the state is distributed i.i.d. and where it is a deterministic function of the output. C_FB and C_FB-CSI are also shown to be computable via concave optimization problem formulations. Finally, we give a sufficient condition under which CSI available at the encoder does not increase the feedback capacity, and we present an interesting example that demonstrates this.



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