The Epsilon-Alternating Least Squares for Orthogonal Low-Rank Tensor Approximation and Its Global Convergence

by   Yuning Yang, et al.

The epsilon alternating least squares (ϵ-ALS) is developed and analyzed for canonical polyadic decomposition (approximation) of a higher-order tensor where one or more of the factor matrices are assumed to be columnwisely orthonormal. It is shown that the algorithm globally converges to a KKT point for all tensors without any assumption. For the original ALS, by further studying the properties of the polar decomposition, we also establish its global convergence under a reality assumption not stronger than those in the literature. These results completely address a question concerning the global convergence raised in [L. Wang and M. T. Chu, SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl., 35 (2014), pp. 1058-1072]. In addition, an initialization procedure is proposed, which possesses a provable lower bound when the number of columnwisely orthonormal factors is one. Armed with this initialization procedure, numerical experiments show that the ϵ-ALS exhibits a promising performance in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.



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