The EntOptLayout Cytoscape plug-in for the efficient visualization of major protein complexes in protein-protein interaction and signalling networks

by   Bence Agg, et al.

Motivation: Network visualizations of complex biological datasets usually result in 'hairball' images, which do not discriminate network modules. Results: We present the EntOptLayout Cytoscape plug-in based on a recently developed network representation theory. The plug-in provides an efficient visualization of network modules, which represent major protein complexes in protein-protein interaction and signalling networks. Importantly, the tool gives a quality score of the network visualization by calculating the information loss between the input data and the visual representation showing a 3- to 25-fold improvement over conventional methods. Availability: The plug-in (running on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS) and its tutorial (both in written and video forms) can be downloaded freely under the terms of the MIT license from: Contact:



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