The Digital Foundation Platform – A Multi-layered SOA Architecture for Intelligent Connected Vehicle Operating System

by   David Yu, et al.

Legacy AD/ADAS development from OEMs centers around developing functions on ECUs using services provided by AUTOSAR Classic Platform (CP) to meet automotive-grade and mass-production requirements. The AUTOSAR CP couples hardware and software components statically and encounters challenges to provide sufficient capacities for the processing of high-level intelligent driving functions, whereas the new platform, AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform (AP) is designed to support dynamically communication and provide richer services and function abstractions for those resource-intensive (memory, CPU) applications. Yet for both platforms, application development and the supporting system software are still closely coupled together, and this makes application development and the enhancement less scalable and flexible, resulting in longer development cycles and slower time-to-market. This paper presents a multi-layered, service-oriented intelligent driving operating system foundation (we named it as Digital Foundation Platform) that provides abstractions for easier adoption of heterogeneous computing hardware. It features a multi-layer SOA software architecture with each layer providing adaptive service API at north-bound for application developers. The proposed Digital Foundation Platform (DFP) has significant advantages of decoupling hardware, operating system core, middle-ware, functional software and application software development. It provides SOA at multiple layers and enables application developers from OEMs, to customize and develop new applications or enhance existing applications with new features, either in autonomous domain or intelligent cockpit domain, with great agility, and less code through re-usability, and thus reduce the time-to-market.


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