The Design and Evaluation of the Cloud-based Learning Components with the Use of the Systems of Computer Mathematics

by   Mariya Shyshkina, et al.

In the article the problems of the systems of computer mathematics use as a tool for the students learning and research activities support are investigated. The promising ways of providing access to the mathematical software in the university learning and research environment are considered. The special aspects of pedagogical applications of these systems to support operations research study in the process of bachelors of informatics training are defined. The design and evaluation of the cloud-based learning components with the use of the systems of computer mathematics (on the example of Maxima system) as enchasing the investigative approach to learning of engineering and mathematics disciplines and increasing the pedagogical outcomes is justified. The set of psychological and pedagogical and also technological criteria of evaluation is substantiated. The results of pedagogical experiment are provided. The analysis and evaluation of existing experience of mathematical software use both in local and cloud-based settings is proposed.



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