The Dem@Care Experiments and Datasets: a Technical Report

12/17/2016 ∙ by Anastasios Karakostas, et al. ∙ 0

The objective of Dem@Care is the development of a complete system providing personal health services to people with dementia, as well as medical professionals and caregivers, by using a multitude of sensors, for context-aware, multi-parametric monitoring of lifestyle, ambient environment, and health parameters. Multi-sensor data analysis, combined with intelligent decision making mechanisms, will allow an accurate representation of the person's current status and will provide the appropriate feedback, both to the person and the associated caregivers, enhancing the standard clinical workflow. Within the project framework, several data collection activities have taken place to assist technical development and evaluation tasks. In all these activities, particular attention has been paid to adhere to ethical guidelines and preserve the participants' privacy. This technical report describes shorty the (a) the main objectives of the project, (b) the main ethical principles and (c) the datasets that have been already created.



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