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The consistency principle for a digitization procedure. An algorithm for building normal digital spaces of continuous n-dimensional objects

by   Alexander V. Evako, et al.

This paper considers conditions, which allow to preserve important topological and geometric properties in the process of digitization. For this purpose, we introduce a triplet C,M,D consisting of a continuous object C, an intermediate model M, which is a collection of subregions whose union is C, a digital model D, which is the intersection graph of M, and apply the consistency principle and criteria of similarity to M in order to make its mathematical structure consistent with the natural structure of D. Specifically, this paper introduces a locally centered lump collection of subregions and shows that for any locally centered lump cover of an n-dimensional continuous manifold, the digital model of the manifold is a digital normal n-dimensional space. In addition, we give examples of locally centered lump tilings of two-manifolds. We propose an algorithm for constructing normal digital models of continuous objects.


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