The Complexity of NISQ

by   Sitan Chen, et al.

The recent proliferation of NISQ devices has made it imperative to understand their computational power. In this work, we define and study the complexity class , which is intended to encapsulate problems that can be efficiently solved by a classical computer with access to a NISQ device. To model existing devices, we assume the device can (1) noisily initialize all qubits, (2) apply many noisy quantum gates, and (3) perform a noisy measurement on all qubits. We first give evidence that ⊊⊊, by demonstrating super-polynomial oracle separations among the three classes, based on modifications of Simon's problem. We then consider the power of for three well-studied problems. For unstructured search, we prove that cannot achieve a Grover-like quadratic speedup over . For the Bernstein-Vazirani problem, we show that only needs a number of queries logarithmic in what is required for . Finally, for a quantum state learning problem, we prove that is exponentially weaker than classical computation with access to noiseless constant-depth quantum circuits.


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