The Classification of Cropping Patterns Based on Regional Climate Classification Using Decision Tree Approach

03/26/2018 ∙ by T. A. Munandar, et al. ∙ 0

Nowadays, agricultural field is experiencing problems related to climate change that result in the changing patterns in cropping season, especially for paddy and coarse grains, pulses roots and Tuber (CGPRT/Palawija) crops. The cropping patterns of rice and CGPRT crops highly depend on the availability of rainfall throughout the year. The changing and shifting of the rainy season result in the changing cropping seasons. It is important to find out the cropping patterns of paddy and CGPRT crops based on monthly rainfall pattern in every area. The Oldeman's method which is usually used in the classification of of cropping patterns of paddy and CGPRT crops is considered less able to determine the cropping patterns because it requires to see the rainfall data throughout the year. This research proposes an alternative solution to determine the cropping pattern of paddy and CGPRT crops based on the pattern of rainfall in the area using decision tree approach. There were three algorithms, namely, J48, RandomTree and REPTree, tested to determine the best algorithm used in the process of the classification of the cropping pattern in the area. The results showed that J48 algorithm has a higher classification accuracy than RandomTree and REPTree for 48 results of data testing into the decision tree rule indicate that most of the areas in DKI Jakarta are suggested to apply the cropping pattern of 1 paddy cropping and 1 CGRPT cropping (1 PS + 1 PL). While in Banten, there are three cropping patterns that can be applied, they are, 1 paddy cropping and 1 CGPRT cropping (1 PS + 1 PL), 3 short-period paddy croppings or 2 paddy croppings and 1 CGPRT cropping (3 short-period PS or 2 PS + 1 PL) and 2 paddy croppings and 1 CGPRT cropping (2 PS + 1 PL).



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