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The Challenges in SDN/ML Based Network Security : A Survey

by   Tam N. Nguyen, et al.

Machine Learning is gaining popularity in the network security domain as many more network-enabled devices get connected, as malicious activities become stealthier, and as new technologies like Software Defined Networking (SDN) emerge. Sitting at the application layer and communicating with the control layer, machine learning based SDN security models exercise a huge influence on the routing/switching of the entire SDN. Compromising the models is consequently a very desirable goal. Previous surveys have been done on either adversarial machine learning or the general vulnerabilities of SDNs but not both. Through examination of the latest ML-based SDN security applications and a good look at ML/SDN specific vulnerabilities accompanied by common attack methods on ML, this paper serves as a unique survey, making a case for more secure development processes of ML-based SDN security applications.


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