The Architectural Dynamics of Encapsulated Botnet Detection (EDM)

by   Maxwell Scale Uwadia Osagie, et al.

Botnet is one of the numerous attacks ravaging the networking environment. Its approach is said to be brutal and dangerous to network infrastructures as well as client systems. Since the introduction of botnet, different design methods have been employed to solve the divergent approach but the method of taking over servers and client systems is unabated. To solve this, we first identify Mpack, ICEpack and Fiesta as enhanced IRC tool. The analysis of its role in data exchange using OSI model was carried out. This further gave the needed proposal to the development of a High level architecture representing the structural mechanism and the defensive mechanism within network server so as to control the botnet trend. Finally, the architecture was designed to respond in a proactive state when scanning and synergizing the double data verification modules in an encapsulation manner within server system.



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