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The Application of Digital Technology and the Learning Characteristics of Generation Z in Higher Education

by   Ali Alruthaya, et al.

The Generation Z (Gen Z), or the digital natives have never experienced a life without the internet. In addition, the advancement of digital technologies such as social media, smart mobile technologies, cloud computing, and the Internet-of-things has transformed how individuals perform their day-to-day activities. Especially for Gen Z, the use of digital technology has become an essential part of their daily routine, as a result, challenging the norm. As such, Gen Z displays unique learning characteristics which are different from previous generations. This change opens new avenues for exploring the impact of digital technology on the learning characteristics of Gen Z and possible applications to the higher education environment. By conducting a literature review of 80 studies, this paper presents a comprehensive framework for understanding the influence of digital technologies on the learning characteristics of Gen Z in higher education.


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