The ApolloScape Dataset for Autonomous Driving

by   Xinyu Huang, et al.

Scene parsing aims to assign a class (semantic) label for each pixel in an image. It is a comprehensive analysis of an image. Given the rise of autonomous driving, pixel-accurate environmental perception is expected to be a key enabling technical piece. However, providing a large scale dataset for the design and evaluation of scene parsing algorithms, in particular for outdoor scenes, has been difficult. The per-pixel labelling process is prohibitively expensive, limiting the scale of existing ones. In this paper, we present a large-scale open dataset, ApolloScape, that consists of RGB videos and corresponding dense 3D point clouds. Comparing with existing datasets, our dataset has the following unique properties. The first is its scale, our initial release contains over 140K images - each with its per-pixel semantic mask, up to 1M is scheduled. The second is its complexity. Captured in various traffic conditions, the number of moving objects averages from tens to over one hundred. And the third is the 3D attribute, each image is tagged with high-accuracy pose information at cm accuracy and the static background point cloud has mm relative accuracy. We are able to label these many images by an interactive and efficient labelling pipeline that utilizes the high-quality 3D point cloud. Moreover, our dataset also contains different lane markings based on the lane colors and styles. We expect our new dataset can deeply benefit various autonomous driving related applications that include but not limited to 2D/3D scene understanding, localization, transfer learning, and driving simulation.


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