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The (abc,pqr)-problem for Approximate Schauder Frames for Banach Spaces

by   K. Mahesh Krishna, et al.

Motivated from the complete solution of important abc-problem for Gabor system for the Hilbert space ℒ^2(ℝ) by Dai and Sun [Memoirs of Amer. Math. Soc., 2016] and from the existential result of approximate Schauder frames for ℒ^p(ℝ) using translation operators on ℒ^p(ℝ) by Freeman, Odell, Schlumprecht, and Zsak [Israel. J. Math, 2014], we formulate (abc, pqr)-problem for approximate Schauder frames for Banach spaces ℒ^p(ℝ), 1<p<∞.


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