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The ABACOC Algorithm: a Novel Approach for Nonparametric Classification of Data Streams

by   Rocco De Rosa, et al.

Stream mining poses unique challenges to machine learning: predictive models are required to be scalable, incrementally trainable, must remain bounded in size (even when the data stream is arbitrarily long), and be nonparametric in order to achieve high accuracy even in complex and dynamic environments. Moreover, the learning system must be parameterless ---traditional tuning methods are problematic in streaming settings--- and avoid requiring prior knowledge of the number of distinct class labels occurring in the stream. In this paper, we introduce a new algorithmic approach for nonparametric learning in data streams. Our approach addresses all above mentioned challenges by learning a model that covers the input space using simple local classifiers. The distribution of these classifiers dynamically adapts to the local (unknown) complexity of the classification problem, thus achieving a good balance between model complexity and predictive accuracy. We design four variants of our approach of increasing adaptivity. By means of an extensive empirical evaluation against standard nonparametric baselines, we show state-of-the-art results in terms of accuracy versus model size. For the variant that imposes a strict bound on the model size, we show better performance against all other methods measured at the same model size value. Our empirical analysis is complemented by a theoretical performance guarantee which does not rely on any stochastic assumption on the source generating the stream.


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