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The 4th Industrial Revolution Effect on the Enterprise Cyber Strategy

by   Christopher Gorham, et al.

The Fourth (4th) Industrial Revolution represents the profound advancement of technology that will likely transform the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds in modern society. The impact of advance technology will disrupt almost every aspect of business and government communities alike. In the past few years, the advancement of information technologies has opened the door to artificial intelligence (AI), block chain technologies, robotics, virtual reality and the possibility of quantum computing being released in the commercial sector. The use of these innovative technologies will likely impact society by leveraging modern technological platforms such as cloud computing and AI. This also includes the release of 5G network technologies by Internet Service Providers (ISP) beginning in 2019. Networks that rely upon 5G technologies in combination with cloud computing platforms will open the door allow greater innovations and change the nature of how work is performed in the 4th Industrial Revolution.


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