The 1st Tiny Object Detection Challenge:Methods and Results

by   Xuehui Yu, et al.

The 1st Tiny Object Detection (TOD) Challenge aims toencourage research in developing novel and accurate methods for tinyobject detection in images which have wide views, with a current focuson tiny person detection. The TinyPerson dataset was used for the TODChallenge and is publicly released. It has 1610 images and 72651 box-levelannotations. Around 36 participating teams from the globe competed inthe 1st TOD Challenge. In this paper, we provide a brief summary of the1st TOD Challenge including brief introductions to the top three meth-ods.The submission leaderboard will be reopened for researchers that areinterested in the TOD challenge. The benchmark dataset and other infor-mation can be found at:



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Code Repositories


Scale Match for Tiny Person Detection(WACV2020), Official link of the dataset

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