Text Region Extraction from Business Card Images for Mobile Devices

03/02/2010 ∙ by Ayatullah Faruk Mollah, et al. ∙ 0

Designing a Business Card Reader (BCR) for mobile devices is a challenge to the researchers because of huge deformation in acquired images, multiplicity in nature of the business cards and most importantly the computational constraints of the mobile devices. This paper presents a text extraction method designed in our work towards developing a BCR for mobile devices. At first, the background of a camera captured image is eliminated at a coarse level. Then, various rule based techniques are applied on the Connected Components (CC) to filter out the noises and picture regions. The CCs identified as text are then binarized using an adaptive but light-weight binarization technique. Experiments show that the text extraction accuracy is around 98 varying computation time and memory requirements. The optimum performance is achieved for the images of resolution 1024x768 pixels with text extraction accuracy of 98.54 respectively.



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