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Testing SOAR Tools in Use

by   Robert A. Bridges, et al.

Modern security operation centers (SOCs) rely on operators and a tapestry of logging and alerting tools with large scale collection and query abilities. SOC investigations are tedious as they rely on manual efforts to query diverse data sources, overlay related logs, and correlate the data into information and then document results in a ticketing system. Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) tools are a new technology that promise to collect, filter, and display needed data; automate common tasks that require SOC analysts' time; facilitate SOC collaboration; and, improve both efficiency and consistency of SOCs. SOAR tools have never been tested in practice to evaluate their effect and understand them in use. In this paper, we design and administer the first hands-on user study of SOAR tools, involving 24 participants and 6 commercial SOAR tools. Our contributions include the experimental design, itemizing six characteristics of SOAR tools and a methodology for testing them. We describe configuration of the test environment in a cyber range, including network, user, and threat emulation; a full SOC tool suite; and creation of artifacts allowing multiple representative investigation scenarios to permit testing. We present the first research results on SOAR tools. We found that SOAR configuration is critical, as it involves creative design for data display and automation. We found that SOAR tools increased efficiency and reduced context switching during investigations, although ticket accuracy and completeness (indicating investigation quality) decreased with SOAR use. Our findings indicated that user preferences are slightly negatively correlated with their performance with the tool; overautomation was a concern of senior analysts, and SOAR tools that balanced automation with assisting a user to make decisions were preferred.


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