Testing Lotka's Law and Pattern of Author Productivity in the Scholarly Publications of Artificial Intelligence

by   Muneer Ahmad, et al.

Artificial intelligence has changed our day to day life in multitude ways. AI technology is rearing itself as a driving force to be reckoned with in the largest industries in the world. AI has already engulfed our educational system, our businesses and our financial establishments. The future is definite that machines with artificial intelligence will soon be captivating over trained manual work that now is mostly cared by humans. Machines can carry out human-like tasks by new inputs as artificial intelligence makes it possible for machines to learn from experience. AI data from web of science database from 2008 to 2017 have been mapped to depict the average growth rate, relative growth rate, contribution made by authors in the view of research productivity, authorship pattern and collaboration of AI literature. The Lotka's law on authorship productivity of AI literature has been tested to confirm the applicability of the law to the present data set. A K-S test was applied to measure the degree of agreement between the distribution of the observed set of data against the inverse general power relationship and the theoretical value of α =2. It is found that the inverse square law of Lotka follow as such.



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