Testable Designs of Toffoli Fredkin Reversible Circuits

by   Hari Mohan Gaur, et al.

Loss of every bit in traditional logic circuits involves dissipation of power in the form of heat that evolve to the environment. Reversible logic is one of the alternatives that have capabilities to mitigate this dissipation by preventing the loss of bits. It also have the potential to broaden the horizon of futuristic reckon with its applications to quantum computation. Application of testing strategies to the logic circuits is a necessity that guarantees their true functioning where the researchers are at par with solutions for the upcoming challenges and agreements for reversible logic circuits. Novel methods of designing Toffoli, Fredkin and mixed Toffoli-Fredkin gates based reversible circuits for testability are put fourth in this article. The proposed designs are independent of the implementation techniques and can be brought into real hardware devices after obtaining a stable fabrication environment. The experimentation for the proposed models are performed on RCViewer and RevKit tools to verify the functionality and computation of cost metrics. Fault simulations are carried out using C++ and Java to calculate fault coverage in respective methodologies. The results confirmed that all the presented work outperforms existing state-of-art approaches.



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