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Temporal Team Semantics Revisited

by   Jens Oliver Gutsfeld, et al.

In this paper, we study a novel approach to asynchronous hyperproperties by reconsidering the foundations of temporal team semantics. We consider three logics: TeamLTL, TeamCTL and TeamCTL*, which are obtained by adding quantification over so-called time evaluation functions controlling the asynchronous progress of traces. We then relate synchronous TeamLTL to our new logics and show how it can be embedded into them. We show that the model checking problem for exTeamCTL with Boolean disjunctions is highly undecidable by encoding recurrent computations of non-deterministic 2-counter machines. Finally, we present a translation of TeamCTL* to Alternating Asynchronous Büchi Automata and obtain decidability results for the path checking problem as well as restricted variants of the model checking and satisfiability problems.


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