Temporal-Spatial Feature Pyramid for Video Saliency Detection

05/10/2021 ∙ by Qinyao Chang, et al. ∙ 0

In this paper, we propose a 3D fully convolutional encoder-decoder architecture for video saliency detection, which combines scale, space and time information for video saliency modeling. The encoder extracts multi-scale temporal-spatial features from the input continuous video frames, and then constructs temporal-spatial feature pyramid through temporal-spatial convolution and top-down feature integration. The decoder performs hierarchical decoding of temporal-spatial features from different scales, and finally produces a saliency map from the integration of multiple video frames. Our model is simple yet effective, and can run in real time. We perform abundant experiments, and the results indicate that the well-designed structure can improve the precision of video saliency detection significantly. Experimental results on three purely visual video saliency benchmarks and six audio-video saliency benchmarks demonstrate that our method achieves state-of-theart performance.



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