Temporal Coherent and Graph Optimized Manifold Ranking for Visual Tracking

by   Bo Jiang, et al.

Recently, weighted patch representation has been widely studied for alleviating the impact of background information included in bounding box to improve visual tracking results. However, existing weighted patch representation models generally exploit spatial structure information among patches in each frame separately which ignore (1) unary featureof each patch and (2) temporal correlation among patches in different frames. To address this problem, we propose a novel unified temporal coherence and graph optimized ranking model for weighted patch representation in visual tracking problem. There are three main contributions of this paper. First, we propose to employ a flexible graph ranking for patch weight computation which exploits both structure information among patches and unary feature of each patch simultaneously. Second, we propose a new more discriminative ranking model by further considering the temporal correlation among patches in different frames. Third, a neighborhood preserved, low-rank graph is learned and incorporated to build a unified optimized ranking model. Experiments on two benchmark datasets show the benefits of our model.



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