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Temporal Adaptation of BERT and Performance on Downstream Document Classification: Insights from Social Media

by   Paul Röttger, et al.

Language use differs between domains and even within a domain, language use changes over time. Previous work shows that adapting pretrained language models like BERT to domain through continued pretraining improves performance on in-domain downstream tasks. In this article, we investigate whether adapting BERT to time in addition to domain can increase performance even further. For this purpose, we introduce a benchmark corpus of social media comments sampled over three years. The corpus consists of 36.36m unlabelled comments for adaptation and evaluation on an upstream masked language modelling task as well as 0.9m labelled comments for finetuning and evaluation on a downstream document classification task. We find that temporality matters for both tasks: temporal adaptation improves upstream task performance and temporal finetuning improves downstream task performance. However, we do not find clear evidence that adapting BERT to time and domain improves downstream task performance over just adapting to domain. Temporal adaptation captures changes in language use in the downstream task, but not those changes that are actually relevant to performance on it.


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