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Teeth3DS: a benchmark for teeth segmentation and labeling from intra-oral 3D scans

by   Achraf Ben-Hamadou, et al.

Teeth segmentation and labeling are critical components of Computer-Aided Dentistry (CAD) systems. Indeed, before any orthodontic or prosthetic treatment planning, a CAD system needs to first accurately segment and label each instance of teeth visible in the 3D dental scan, this is to avoid time-consuming manual adjustments by the dentist. Nevertheless, developing such an automated and accurate dental segmentation and labeling tool is very challenging, especially given the lack of publicly available datasets or benchmarks. This article introduces the first public benchmark, named Teeth3DS, which has been created in the frame of the 3DTeethSeg 2022 MICCAI challenge to boost the research field and inspire the 3D vision research community to work on intra-oral 3D scans analysis such as teeth identification, segmentation, labeling, 3D modeling and 3D reconstruction. Teeth3DS is made of 1800 intra-oral scans (23999 annotated teeth) collected from 900 patients covering the upper and lower jaws separately, acquired and validated by orthodontists/dental surgeons with more than 5 years of professional experience.


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