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Taxonomic survey of Hindi Language NLP systems

by   Nikita P. Desai, et al.

Natural Language processing (NLP) represents the task of automatic handling of natural human language by machines.There is large spectrum of possible applications of NLP which help in automating tasks like translating text from one language to other, retrieving and summarizing data from very huge repositories, spam email filtering, identifying fake news in digital media, find sentiment and feedback of people, find political opinions and views of people on various government policies, provide effective medical assistance based on past history records of patient etc. Hindi is the official language of India with nearly 691 million users in India and 366 million in rest of world. At present, a number of government and private sector projects and researchers in India and abroad, are working towards developing NLP applications and resources for Indian languages. This survey gives a report of the resources and applications available for Hindi language NLP.


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