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Tawsol Symbols 3D – Towards an innovative Picture Exchange Communication Systems PECS

by   A. Othman, et al.

Pictograms (also called symbols) are widely used in daily life as a type of visual language, such as transportation venue signs (airport, rail station, etc.), road signs, care symbols on clothing, or direction symbols (Tijus et al., 2007). This shows how symbols can communicate information quickly and effectively. Fundamentally, symbols can be understood, regardless of the person's language or literacy skills. Therefore, people with communication difficulties may benefit from using symbols to comprehend what other people are saying, as well as to express themselves. There are many sets of pictograms available online or in the market as printed cards, some of them are free and some must be purchased. Pictogram sets can be considered in several ways including how pictorial, how guessable, how flexible, how consistent, and how visually complex. Each symbol set has strengths and weaknesses, and the choice of a symbol set should be based on the needs and abilities of the person using AAC.


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