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Target-Aware Object Discovery and Association for Unsupervised Video Multi-Object Segmentation

by   Tianfei Zhou, et al.

This paper addresses the task of unsupervised video multi-object segmentation. Current approaches follow a two-stage paradigm: 1) detect object proposals using pre-trained Mask R-CNN, and 2) conduct generic feature matching for temporal association using re-identification techniques. However, the generic features, widely used in both stages, are not reliable for characterizing unseen objects, leading to poor generalization. To address this, we introduce a novel approach for more accurate and efficient spatio-temporal segmentation. In particular, to address instance discrimination, we propose to combine foreground region estimation and instance grouping together in one network, and additionally introduce temporal guidance for segmenting each frame, enabling more accurate object discovery. For temporal association, we complement current video object segmentation architectures with a discriminative appearance model, capable of capturing more fine-grained target-specific information. Given object proposals from the instance discrimination network, three essential strategies are adopted to achieve accurate segmentation: 1) target-specific tracking using a memory-augmented appearance model; 2) target-agnostic verification to trace possible tracklets for the proposal; 3) adaptive memory updating using the verified segments. We evaluate the proposed approach on DAVIS_17 and YouTube-VIS, and the results demonstrate that it outperforms state-of-the-art methods both in segmentation accuracy and inference speed.


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