TANDA: Transfer and Adapt Pre-Trained Transformer Models for Answer Sentence Selection

11/11/2019 ∙ by Siddhant Garg, et al. ∙ 0

We propose TANDA, an effective technique for fine-tuning pre-trained Transformer models for natural language tasks. Specifically, we first transfer a pre-trained model into a model for a general task by fine-tuning it with a large and high-quality dataset. We then perform a second fine-tuning step to adapt the transferred model to the target domain. We demonstrate the benefits of our approach for answer sentence selection, which is a well-known inference task in Question Answering. We built a large scale dataset to enable the transfer step, exploiting the Natural Questions dataset. Our approach establishes the state of the art on two well-known benchmarks, WikiQA and TREC-QA, achieving MAP scores of 92 outperform the previous highest scores of 83.4 recent work. We empirically show that TANDA generates more stable and robust models reducing the effort required for selecting optimal hyper-parameters. Additionally, we show that the transfer step of TANDA makes the adaptation step more robust to noise. This enables a more effective use of noisy datasets for fine-tuning. Finally, we also confirm the positive impact of TANDA in an industrial setting, using domain specific datasets subject to different types of noise.



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