Tailoring the Cyber Security Framework: How to Overcome the Complexities of Secure Live Virtual Machine Migration in Cloud Computing

10/09/2021 ∙ by Hanif Deylami, et al. ∙ 0

This paper proposes a novel secure live virtual machine migration framework by using a virtual trusted platform module instance to improve the integrity of the migration process from one virtual machine to another on the same platform. The proposed framework, called Kororā, is designed and developed on a public infrastructure-as-a-service cloud-computing environment and runs concurrently on the same hardware components (Input/Output, Central Processing Unit, Memory) and the same hypervisor (Xen); however, a combination of parameters needs to be evaluated before implementing Kororā. The implementation of Kororā is not practically feasible in traditional distributed computing environments. It requires fixed resources with high-performance capabilities, connected through a high-speed, reliable network. The following research objectives were determined to identify the integrity features of live virtual machine migration in the cloud system: To understand the security issues associated with cloud computing, virtual trusted platform modules, virtualization, live virtual machine migration, and hypervisors; To identify the requirements for the proposed framework, including those related to live VM migration among different hypervisors; To design and validate the model, processes, and architectural features of the proposed framework; To propose and implement an end-to-end security architectural blueprint for cloud environments, providing an integrated view of protection mechanisms, and then to validate the proposed framework to improve the integrity of live VM migration. This is followed by a comprehensive review of the evaluation system architecture and the proposed framework state machine. The overarching aim of this paper, therefore, is to present a detailed analysis of the cloud computing security problem, from the perspective of cloud architectures and the cloud... [Abridged]



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