Tag Clouds for Object-Oriented Source Code Visualization

06/08/2019 ∙ by Ra'Fat Al-Msie'deen, et al. ∙ 0

Software visualization helps software engineers to understand and manage the size and complexity of the object-oriented source code. The tag cloud is a simple and popular visualization technique. The main idea of the tag cloud is to represent tags according to their frequency in an alphabetical order where the most important tags are highlighted via a suitable font size. This paper proposes an original approach to visualize software code using a tag cloud. The approach exploits all software identifier names to visualize software code as a tag cloud. Experiments were conducted on several case studies. To validate the approach, it is applied on NanoXML and ArgoUML. The results of this evaluation validate the relevance and the performance of the proposed approach as all tag names and their frequencies were correctly identified. The proposed tag cloud visualization technique is a helpful addition to the software visualization toolkit. The extracted tag cloud supports software engineers as they filter and browse data.



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