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Tableaux for Free Logics with Descriptions

by   Andrzej Indrzejczak, et al.
University of Oxford

The paper provides a tableau approach to definite descriptions. We focus on several formalizations of the so-called minimal free description theory (MFD) usually formulated axiomatically in the setting of free logic. We consider five analytic tableau systems corresponding to different kinds of free logic, including the logic of definedness applied in computer science and constructive mathematics for dealing with partial functions (here called negative quasi-free logic). The tableau systems formalise MFD based on PFL (positive free logic), NFL (negative free logic), PQFL and NQFL (the quasi-free counterparts of the former ones). Also the logic NQFLm is taken into account, which is equivalent to NQFL, but whose language does not comprise the existence predicate. It is shown that all tableaux are sound and complete with respect to the semantics of these logics.


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