Table2Charts: Learning Shared Representations for Recommending Charts on Multi-dimensional Data

by   Mengyu Zhou, et al.

It is common for people to create different types of charts to explore a multi-dimensional dataset (table). However, to build an intelligent assistant that recommends commonly composed charts, the fundamental problems of "multi-dialect" unification, imbalanced data and open vocabulary exist. In this paper, we propose Table2Charts framework which learns common patterns from a large corpus of (table, charts) pairs. Based on deep Q-learning with copying mechanism and heuristic searching, Table2Charts does table-to-sequence generation, where each sequence follows a chart template. On a large spreadsheet corpus with 196k tables and 306k charts, we show that Table2Charts could learn a shared representation of table fields so that tasks on different chart types could mutually enhance each other. Table2Charts has >0.61 recall at top-3 and >0.49 recall at top-1 for both single-type and multi-type chart recommendation tasks.



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