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Systematic Innovation Mounted Software Development Process and Intuitive Project Management Framework for Lean Startups

by   Song-Kyoo Kim, et al.

Today, software products are required to be more innovative and attractive because of unique circumstances in the software industry. Markets are changing fast and customers want to have more innovative products immediately. This paper provides a new process which integrates an inventive problem solving method into one modern software development program, making it part of the software development process. The Systematic Innovation Mounted Software Development Process (SPI), a combination of Agile and Systematic Innovation, provides an alternative development process which is targeted to adapt idea generation into software products. The intuitive project management framework helps technology driven companies to manage their software projects more effectively. This new software development process and associated techniques could impact the current software development industry significantly, especially software startup companies, because these powerful tools can help reduce managerial workloads of the companies and give them more time to remain focused on their key technologies.


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