Systematic Generation of Conformance Tests for JavaScript

by   Blake Loring, et al.
Universität der Bundeswehr München
Royal Holloway, University of London

JavaScript implementations are tested for conformance to the ECMAScript standard using a large hand-written test suite. Not only in this a tedious approach, it also relies solely on the natural language specification for differentiating behaviors, while hidden implementation details can also affect behavior and introduce divergences. We propose to generate conformance tests through dynamic symbolic execution of polyfills, drop-in replacements for newer JavaScript language features that are not yet widely supported. We then run these generated tests against multiple implementations of JavaScript, using a majority vote to identify the correct behavior. To facilitate test generation for polyfill code, we introduce a model for structured symbolic inputs that is suited to the dynamic nature of JavaScript. In our evaluation, we found 17 divergences in the widely used core-js polyfill and were able to increase branch coverage in interpreter code by up to 15 typically written even before standardization, our approach will allow to maintain and extend standardization test suites with reduced effort.


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