System of Computer Modeling and Features of their use in the Educational Process of General Secondary Eeducation

by   Svitlana H. Lytvynova, et al.

The article analyzes the historical aspect of the formation of computer modeling as one of the perspective directions of educational process development. The notion of "system of computer modeling", conceptual model of system of computer modeling (SCMod), its components (mathematical, animation, graphic, strategic), functions, principles and purposes of use are grounded. The features of the organization of students work using SCMod, individual and group work, the formation of subject competencies are described; the aspect of students' motivation to learning is considered. It is established that educational institutions can use SCMod at different levels and stages of training and in different contexts, which consist of interrelated physical, social, cultural and technological aspects. It is determined that the use of SCMod in general secondary school would increase the capacity of teachers to improve the training of students in natural and mathematical subjects and contribute to the individualization of the learning process, in order to meet the pace, educational interests and capabilities of each particular student. It is substantiated that the use of SCMod in the study of natural-mathematical subjects contributes to the formation of subject competencies, develops the skills of analysis and decision-making, increases the level of digital communication, develops vigilance, raises the level of knowledge, increases the duration of attention of students. Further research requires the justification of the process of forming students' competencies in natural-mathematical subjects and designing cognitive tasks using SCMod.



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