System-level optimization of Network-on-Chips for heterogeneous 3D System-on-Chips

by   Jan Moritz Joseph, et al.

For a system-level design of Networks-on-Chip for 3D heterogeneous System-on-Chip (SoC), the locations of components, routers and vertical links are determined from an application model and technology parameters. In conventional methods, the two inputs are accounted for separately; here, we define an integrated problem that considers both application model and technology parameters. We show that this problem does not allow for exact solution in reasonable time, as common for many design problems. Therefore, we contribute a heuristic by proposing design steps, which are based on separation of intralayer and interlayer communication. The advantage is that this new problem can be solved with well-known methods. We use 3D Vision SoC case studies to quantify the advantages and the practical usability of the proposed optimization approach. We achieve up to 18.8 12.4



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