SysMART Outdoor Services: A System of Connected and Smart Supermarkets

by   Yazan Mohamad, et al.

Smart cities are today's modern trend. Many high-tech industrial firms are exploring different approaches to implement smart cities. Various projects aim at internet-of-things and smart solutions. Current implementations are mostly localized to a specific building or area; however, the growth is crossing space and geographic location limits. Shopping is a central activity that is frequent and typically a time-consuming task. SysMART is system of connected and smart supermarkets. SysMART enables a plausible shopping experience for customers. The aim of SysMART is to provide an advanced lifestyle with its ease of use functionality. SysMART outdoor services support distant parking availability, traffic status, and remote inventory checks for supermarkets in a chain. SysMART implementation relies on cutting edge technologies that support rapid prototyping and precision data acquisition, such as, National Instrument devices. The selected development environment is LabView with its world-class interfacing libraries. The paper comprises a detailed system description, development strategy, interface design, software engineering, and a thorough analysis and evaluation.



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