Synthetic-to-Real Domain Adaptation for Lane Detection

by   Noa Garnett, et al.

Accurate lane detection, a crucial enabler for autonomous driving, currently relies on obtaining a large and diverse labeled training dataset. In this work, we explore learning from abundant, randomly generated synthetic data, together with unlabeled or partially labeled target domain data, instead. Randomly generated synthetic data has the advantage of controlled variability in the lane geometry and lighting, but it is limited in terms of photo-realism. This poses the challenge of adapting models learned on the unrealistic synthetic domain to real images. To this end we develop a novel autoencoder-based approach that uses synthetic labels unaligned with particular images for adapting to target domain data. In addition, we explore existing domain adaptation approaches, such as image translation and self-supervision, and adjust them to the lane detection task. We test all approaches in the unsupervised domain adaptation setting in which no target domain labels are available and in the semi-supervised setting in which a small portion of the target images are labeled. In extensive experiments using three different datasets, we demonstrate the possibility to save costly target domain labeling efforts. For example, using our proposed autoencoder approach on the llamas and tuSimple lane datasets, we can almost recover the fully supervised accuracy with only 10 outperforms all other methods in the semi-supervised domain adaptation scenario.


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