Synthesizing nested relational queries from implicit specifications: via model theory and via proof theory

by   Michael Benedikt, et al.

Derived datasets can be defined implicitly or explicitly. An implicit definition (of dataset O in terms of datasets I) is a logical specification involving the source data I and the interface data O. It is a valid definition of O in terms of I, if any two models of the specification agreeing on I agree on O. In contrast, an explicit definition is a query that produces O from I. Variants of Beth's theorem state that one can convert implicit definitions to explicit ones. Further, this conversion can be done effectively given a proof witnessing implicit definability in a suitable proof system. We prove the analogous implicit-to-explicit result for nested relations: implicit definitions, given in the natural logic for nested relations, can be converted to explicit definitions in the nested relational calculus (NRC) We first provide a model-theoretic argument for this result, which makes some additional connections that may be of independent interest. between NRC queries, interpretations, a standard mechanisms for defining structure-to-structure translation in logic, and between interpretations and implicit to definability "up to unique isomorphism". The latter connection makes use of a variation of a result of Gaifman concerning "relatively categorical" theories. We also provide a proof-theoretic result that provides an effective argument: from a proof witnessing implicit definability, we can efficiently produce an NRC definition. This will involve introducing the appropriate proof system for reasoning with nested sets, along with some auxiliary Beth-type results for this system. As a consequence, we can effectively extract rewritings of NRC queries in terms of NRC views, given a proof witnessing that the query is determined by the views.


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