Symmetric Uncertainty-Aware Feature Transmission for Depth Super-Resolution

by   Wuxuan Shi, et al.
Wuhan University

Color-guided depth super-resolution (DSR) is an encouraging paradigm that enhances a low-resolution (LR) depth map guided by an extra high-resolution (HR) RGB image from the same scene. Existing methods usually use interpolation to upscale the depth maps before feeding them into the network and transfer the high-frequency information extracted from HR RGB images to guide the reconstruction of depth maps. However, the extracted high-frequency information usually contains textures that are not present in depth maps in the existence of the cross-modality gap, and the noises would be further aggravated by interpolation due to the resolution gap between the RGB and depth images. To tackle these challenges, we propose a novel Symmetric Uncertainty-aware Feature Transmission (SUFT) for color-guided DSR. (1) For the resolution gap, SUFT builds an iterative up-and-down sampling pipeline, which makes depth features and RGB features spatially consistent while suppressing noise amplification and blurring by replacing common interpolated pre-upsampling. (2) For the cross-modality gap, we propose a novel Symmetric Uncertainty scheme to remove parts of RGB information harmful to the recovery of HR depth maps. Extensive experiments on benchmark datasets and challenging real-world settings suggest that our method achieves superior performance compared to state-of-the-art methods. Our code and models are available at


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