Symmetric Parallax Attention for Stereo Image Super-Resolution

by   Yingqian Wang, et al.

Although recent years have witnessed the great advances in stereo image super-resolution (SR), the beneficial information provided by binocular systems has not been fully used. Since stereo images are highly symmetric under epipolar constraint, in this paper, we improve the performance of stereo image SR by exploiting symmetry cues in stereo image pairs. Specifically, we propose a symmetric bi-directional parallax attention module (biPAM) and an inline occlusion handling scheme to effectively interact cross-view information. Then, we design a Siamese network equipped with a biPAM to super-resolve both sides of views in a highly symmetric manner. Finally, we design several illuminance-robust bilateral losses to enforce stereo consistency. Experiments on four public datasets have demonstrated the superiority of our method. As compared to PASSRnet, our method achieves notable performance improvements with a comparable model size. Source codes are available at



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