Sustainable Verbal and Non-verbal Human-Robot Interaction Through Cloud Services

by   Lucrezia Grassi, et al.

This article presents the design and the implementation of CAIR: a cloud system for knowledge-based autonomous interaction devised for Social Robots and other conversational agents. The system is particularly convenient for low-cost robots and devices. Developers are provided with a sustainable solution to manage verbal and non-verbal interaction through a network connection, with about 3,000 topics of conversation ready for "chit-chatting" and a library of pre-cooked plans that only needs to be grounded into the robot's physical capabilities. The system is structured as a set of REST API endpoints so that it can be easily expanded by adding new APIs to improve the capabilities of the clients connected to the cloud. Another key feature of the system is that it has been designed to make the development of its clients straightforward: in this way, multiple devices can be easily endowed with the capability of autonomously interacting with the user, understanding when to perform specific actions, and exploiting all the information provided by cloud services. The article outlines and discusses the results of the experiments performed to assess the system's performance in terms of response time, paving the way for its use both for research and market solutions. Links to repositories with clients for ROS and popular robots such as Pepper and NAO are given.


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