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Survey on Wireless Information Energy Transfer (WIET) and Related Applications in 6G Internet of NanoThings (IoNT)

by   Pragati Sharma, et al.

This article contains an overview of WIET and the related applications in 6G IoNT. Specifically, to explore the following, we: (i) introduce the 6G network along with the implementation challenges, possible techniques, THz communication and related research challenges, (ii) focus on the WIET architecture, and different energy carrying code words for efficient charging through WIET, (iii) discuss IoNT with techniques proposed for communication of nano-devices, and (iv) conduct a detailed literature review to explore the implicational aspects of the WIET in the 6G nano-network. In addition, we also investigate the expected applications of WIET in the 6G IoNT based devices and discuss the WIET implementation challenges in 6G IoNT for the optimal use of the technology. Lastly, we overview the expected design challenges which may occur during the implementation process, and identify the key research challenges which require timely solutions and which are significant to spur further research in this challenging area. Overall, through this survey, we discuss the possibility to maximize the applications of WIET in 6G IoNT.


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