Supervised Dimensionality Reduction and Visualization using Centroid-encoder

by   Tomojit Ghosh, et al.
Colorado State University

Visualizing high-dimensional data is an essential task in Data Science and Machine Learning. The Centroid-Encoder (CE) method is similar to the autoencoder but incorporates label information to keep objects of a class close together in the reduced visualization space. CE exploits nonlinearity and labels to encode high variance in low dimensions while capturing the global structure of the data. We present a detailed analysis of the method using a wide variety of data sets and compare it with other supervised dimension reduction techniques, including NCA, nonlinear NCA, t-distributed NCA, t-distributed MCML, supervised UMAP, supervised PCA, Colored Maximum Variance Unfolding, supervised Isomap, Parametric Embedding, supervised Neighbor Retrieval Visualizer, and Multiple Relational Embedding. We empirically show that centroid-encoder outperforms most of these techniques. We also show that when the data variance is spread across multiple modalities, centroid-encoder extracts a significant amount of information from the data in low dimensional space. This key feature establishes its value to use it as a tool for data visualization.


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